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Jewellery Remodelling

Melbourne’s Finest Jewellery Remodelling

At some point in life, you may have received jewellery as a gift, but wish it was slightly remodelled. In such cases, you might want to transform older, unwanted or inherited jewellery into something to suit you.

Unfortunately, remodelling can only be done by the few skilled experts in Melbourne – GN Jeweller remodelling services leads the field by miles.

Come in for an obligation-free design appointment: we will discuss the type of piece that you would like, and plan for something that suits your taste and budget.

GN Jewellers can remodel existing pieces of jewellery, or even use a collection broken jewellery pieces to create something completely new.

Do you own jewellery that you do not like for any reason? Usually, unwanted jewellery is allowed to waste away in a box. Yet if the jewellery is a ring, it belongs to your finger, not a box that you may not even like to pay attention to. At GN Designer Jewellers, we strongly believe in jewellery remodelling as a fantastic way to give your coveted piece another lease of life.

Why Remodelling Your Jewellery Makes So Much Sense

People come to us to have their jewellery remodelled for a number of important and valid reasons, including:

Old inherited jewellery: Any jewellery that’s been passed on as a gift from, say, a parent or relative, carries so much sentimental value. That notwithstanding, you may not like its style, particularly if the jewellery is very old. That means you can’t wear with pride in its current form. If you have such a piece lying in some lonely box, why not let us give it a face-lift? Through professional remodelling, we can get every single detail of your inherited jewellery to look brand new, including the old settings.

A jewel you don’t like: A jewel does not have to be old to lack the qualities and features you like. Remodelling can fix that. We can use the existing stone, modify it, or combine the stones you have with new ones to produce something you’ll wear with pride every day.

The need for customization: What if you were given a ring or any other jewellery that was bought off-the-shelf? Chances are that, if you were not involved in its selection, it is not a reflection of your personality and tastes. Remodelling offers you an opportunity to get custom engagement rings that are true to your exact feelings and desires of the heart.

Value addition: Restyling your jewellery not only gives it a very modern feel and appearance, but it also increases its value. However old your jewellery might be, letting our remodelling experts look at it and give it a new lease of life can prove very rewarding from a financial perspective.

Restoration: If you have a piece that’s damaged, jewellery remodelling can restore it to its original glory. The perfect repairs can be implemented alongside additions that can restore the function as well as glamour of your antique jewellery.     

What Remodelling Jewellery Entails

At GN Designer Jewellers, we offer our customers a range of options. Your jewellery may be modified in a spectrum of ways, including shape, size, cut, and weight to give it a final form and brilliance that matches your style and expectations.

We can introduce a gemstone of your own liking with a view to giving the entire design a makeover that will produce an elegant, custom look. If there’s an aspect you don’t like about the metal in your existing jewellery, it can be remodelled with your most preferred metal. A complete overhaul may not be necessary as we can meticulously strike a balance between the existing architecture and the new one to produce a stunning and well complemented piece.

We Will Work Hand in Hand With You in the Remodelling Process

Start by identifying any jewellery that you’re not wearing. Certainly, if it’s an inherited ring, it never feels right to sell it or pass it on to another person. Even if you don’t think the old ring is valuable in its present state, our remodelling experts can help give it the worth of modern white gold engagement rings!

Secondly, have an idea of what you may want the remodelled piece to look like. When you’re able to imagine the brilliance and sparkle you need for the final jewellery, getting a personalized piece becomes way easier. Fortunately, our GN Designer Jewellers designers will work closely with you and provide you with jewellery collections that can stir your imagination. We will explain all possible restoration, repair, and styling options to help you make an informed choice.

We will also work within your budget. Just let us know what your budget is, and we will be able to work within it without compromising on customization or quality of the final piece.

If you’re wondering where to buy an engagement ring in Melbourne  GN Designer Jewellers are at your service. In addition, we are the professionals you can come to anytime for jewellery remodelling that can be a true reflection of your personality. Schedule consultations with us today and see how remodelling your antique jewellery can transform it into a brilliant piece that you can wear with pride today!