Custom Made Diamond Rings in Melbourne: Timeless Art


GN Designer Jewellers is the leading purveyor of custom made diamond rings in Melbourne. We employ some of the industry’s best diamond experts, who have established themselves in the custom made jewellery arena by crafting exceptional engagement rings that can be considered works of art.

Melbourne’s Best Custom Jewellery Designs


Beautiful, lasting artistry can come in various forms. As jewellery, GN Jewellers pieces are created by prodigious craftsmen.

Highly skilled, they possess encyclopedic knowledge of contemporary techniques and show true passion for their craft. Our diamond experts are as much artists as they are craftsmen.

Getting your custom designs at GN Jewellers can yield many advantages:

Individuality of Custom Jewellery


Custom designed jewellery allows customers to tailor every detail of their engagement ring. This can create a finished piece as unique as the woman who will wear it. Because wedding jewellery is intended to be worn every day, it makes sense to invest the extra time and effort that can effectively serve as a daily reminder of your love.

Instead of purchasing a mass-produced piece, a custom one can serve as a symbol of your dedication.

With a custom design, make it the most significant object she will ever own.

Value of Custom Jewellery


Off-the-shelf jewellery is designed to appeal to a wide base of people while maximizing profit.

At GN Jewellers, we actively encourage discriminating clients to opt for custom designs. There is  no extra charge for custom-designing your jewellery – the price will be based entirely on the materials selected.

This means that we can give you the exact features you want, at the right price. The end result is something superior in quality and design over anything mass-produced.

Appeal of Custom Jewellery

Custom jewellery is your chance to be involved in creating a piece that is cherished, where the client gets to oversee and fine-tune every detail.

When it comes to engagement rings, why settle for less? At GN Jewellers, our artisans will work directly with you, until you receive a final piece that brings 100% satisfaction.

Amazing Quality Custom Designs

Our team works tirelessly to make pieces of jewellery that turn  your dreams a reality. We zealously adhere to our commitment to ensure that each band we craft amazes whichever way it is gazed upon. Having such diligence lets us harness our expertise, passion, and dedication to give full form to the ring you’ve been wishing for.

The graceful curve of the ring itself, the elegant corners of the housing, and every facet of the precious stone should catch both the light and the imagination in the best way possible.

Such painstaking efforts have enabled us to produce bespoke jewellery that has – over the years – elevated the beauty and quality of the craftsmanship of engagement rings in Australia.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings


Among the pieces we have produced that we are most proud of are our princess cut engagement rings. The princess cut is the second most popular cut shape for diamonds, behind only round brilliant cuts.

The top face of the princess cut is square, while the  profile or side-on shape is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with beveled sides.

The princess cut originated from the earlier French cut, having a step-modified, double-French (or cross cut) crown (or top) along with chevrons cut into the pavilion. Having such a design lets the stone give a distinct, cross-shaped reflection when directly viewed through the table.

Although it’s only over four decades old, the princess cut is one of the most popular shapes for diamonds. It became favored in the last few years as a more distinctive alternative to the more sought-after round brilliant cut, where the crown is cut into a round, face-up shape and the pavilion is cut into a cone.

Princess Cut Chevrons


The number of chevrons a princess cut diamond has affects the overall look of the jewel itself. Cutting more chevrons into the pavilion (or the bottom) side renders the resulting facets smaller. The cut stone will have an appearance resembling crushed ice. Having fewer chevrons leaves the facets broader, giving the precious stone itself a chunky appearance.

Custom Diamond Rings in Melbourne


Whether princess cut or round brilliant cut, all of the diamonds we pick and cut by hand are given equal love and care.

No maker of custom made diamond rings in Melbourne can serve you like GN Designer Jewellers. Place an appointment with us today. It’s all you need to do to avail yourself of our unparalleled service. Let us help you make your wish come true.

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