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Don’t Ruin the Surprise Proposal – Get a Replacement Ring if You Need

Why Ruin the Surprise of a Proposal When You Can Get a Replacement Ring of Her Choice Later

My last blog was a shot at trying to simplify the prospect of a surprise proposal as opposed to a planned and joint purchase of the ring.  During the course of the discussion, I have tried to separate the pro’s and con’s. In the end, it’s your decision.  My role is to support and advice you.

More on that subject, I decided to undo the fiasco of “buying alone” versus “buying together” by adding, through this blog, the possibility of a fair medium.

In a supposed situation where you have decided to stick to the plan of surprising her, how can we help?

In our showroom we have a vast selection of engagement rings to help you choose the design you like but if you have a specific design in mind or an image, bring in your design and name the budget within which you would like it done. Our jewellers at GN Designer Jewellers will take a close look at the details of the design, analyze is practicality and present to you a detailed form of all the specifics of the Engagement ring.  We will clearly state the diamond size and quality, finger size, specific metal, etc.  At the bottom, we will write down the gross amount payable.  As a part of placing the order and to get things rolling, we require a deposit of about 20 to 30% of the total price, depending upon the cost of the ring.

Our turnaround time is normally between ten days to a fortnight for all simple and critical projects.

We like to work in close coordination with our clients, and that makes it necessary to ask for your participation in the process of making.  If you are still dubious about the aesthetic accomplishments of the illustration we will first show you images of a 3D CAD replication of the finished product.  The drawings will include every minute detail that your chosen design has.  So, what you can expect to see in the drawings is the ring in its exactness.

Tweaking, adding or withdrawing inputs is possible at this stage, but not beyond it.  So, you can take your time thinking it through before sending an approval or otherwise.

Like it or not, just let us know.  Together, we can make adjustments and alterations to make it perfect.

Now, we do understand the uncertainty involved in the prospect of winning another person’s heart completely with your idea of perfection.

In a case where it did not work out according to plan, you do have a second chance with us.  Bring the ring back to us and trade it in for the piece she likes. It’s as simple as that.

In that way, you do not have to ruin the surprise, nor lose sleep worrying about if she would at all like it.  For in case she doesn’t, there is always a replacement waiting in the shelf for you.

We accept rings back as long as they belong to our collection. Elaborating on that, we would take any design that has a descent reselling potency.  Though anything too off-the-convention might not fit the bill (refer to our collection to know what I’m meaning to say), but speaking from experience, that is least likely to happen.

So, once it finds its way back to the rack, we will make you a replacement ring at no extra cost.

That, in my opinion and to my foresight, is the best way of protecting both the interests of surprise and thrill.

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