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Custom Engagement Rings: More Than a Symbol of Love

Custom Engagement Rings for Men and Women: More Than Just a Symbol of Love

So you want to pop the most important question you’ll ever ask your love, but you have many things to decide on for that moment to be perfect. The very first confusion is, “what kind of ring will I even get her?” What do ladies like your beloved would love for an engagement ring design? The first thing that you will probably do is look for jewellers offering Melbourne engagement rings. But hold your excitement – you have a lot of work to do before you can start shopping around. If you do that now, it will be a waste of your time, especially if you want to deviate from the traditional styles that you see on every jewellery store. Let us show you the perfect options present today that are ideal for men and women’s tastes when it comes to wedding and engagement rings.

Ladies: The Allure of the Ornamental

History itself shows how ladies can’t resist the gleam of finely created jewellery, esp. those that are ornamental and elegant. Throughout history, jewellery has been used as a status symbol, to show your power and status in the community. Archaeologists have dug beads and other forms of gemstones as historical artifacts in various major archaeological sites from all over the world. This is a testament to the fact that jewellery making is an art form that has been around for a long historic period. However, it becomes a question now of what these jewellery are used for. This is where the various cultures can come into play. You can use some of these historical data as inspiration when creating custom engagement rings, especially if you want to enthrall your beloved with an inspirational story.

A common example of how jewellery played a part in showcasing symbol of status is during the ancient Egyptian era. The mummies of the queens and pharaohs were covered in gold and other types of jewels. Specifically, these royalties wore a lot of rings on their fingers. Again, these rings showcase power and authority during that time, especially since these jewels were highly expensive and only those powerful rulers can afford them.

The same can be said today as the allure of handmade engagement rings Melbourne has to offer is coveted by women (and men, too!). The meaning and symbol of the Melbourne engagement rings might be slightly different from the ancient times, however. What is definite though is that when it comes to the staple pieces in a lady’s jewelry box, such as the engagement ring and the wedding ring, ladies love something that would complement their beauty and personality! Buying Melbourne engagement rings would impress her, but not as much as when you have carefully thought out the details of the ring design. That is when that particular piece of jewelry will stand out!

Intricate and well thought-of pieces are some that ladies appreciate, and that’s why you won’t be surprised that they are attracted to pieces that have lacy or, perhaps, floral designs. The ring doesn’t have to be ostentatious either, as a discreet yet smartly detailed design of engagement ring is something even more women would envy!

Women’s beauty has indeed become the subject of literature and art in history. This can be seen also on how the love for them is translated into breathtaking jewelry designs. The characteristics of curves, softness and harmony are reflective to the feminine ideals and tastes. But while the depiction of women’s beauty have been tackled in general terms, it is important to consider the individual tastes and preferences of each woman. This is where custom engagement rings come into play – you cannot talk about women and their style tastes as a universal thing. You need to understand that every woman is different and so are their tastes for jewellery. There are two ways to approach your chosen style for handmade engagement rings Melbourne has to offer: for everyday style and for glamorous wear.

For everyday wear, you can opt for simplistic design and details. You want to highlight the feminine taste of a woman when choosing Melbourne engagement rings for customization. Just because you opted for simplistic designs, it does not mean that it has to be boring or unattractive. One thing that you should never overlook, though, is functionality and convenience. For everyday wear, it should be suitable for their lifestyle too. Do not over-complicate things when you choose a design for your custom engagement rings.

For glamorous styles, you have many options. It depends on the type of diamond or gemstone cut you choose as it can alter the look and design of the Melbourne engagement rings you order. For the simplistic styles, you can choose the brilliant or round cut gemstones or diamonds. But modern styles that are a bit more extravagant tend to lean towards asscher, radiant and princess cut diamonds. Women love these kinds of custom engagement rings selections so you need to consider them when shopping around. Make sure your sweetheart’s eyes glow with happiness as you present her the ring!

Gents: The Seduction of Structure and Form

Men love pieces that endure tough weather and that can keep up with their lifestyle. A definite statement is what they need, to suit their personal style without being too flashy (or so it depends). The piece should not tame them in their life’s quest, be it in their pursuit on sports or in tinkering and building on something that’s going to be special in the future. Great jewelry pieces would add inspiration in their lives. Hence, the same level of care for choosing Melbourne engagement rings for women should also be taken when shopping for a male wedding ring. Much has been said about women and jewellery that a lot of men fail to consider that there are many options available to them too.

During the ancient period in Egypt and other powerful empires in history such as the Aztec, Roman and Persian empires, men loved wearing jewellery as much as women did. In fact, the tombs of ancient pharaohs when excavated by archaeological researchers carried with them a large amount of jewellery. The jewellery they used during that time were not just limited to rings, but also included necklaces, earrings, anklets, and more. As with women, the use of jewellery and male wedding ring is considered as a symbol of status and power.

Traditionally, men are inclined toward the rugged and that’s why pieces that endure are much sought for. While females’ firsts on the list tend to be gold, white gold, or silver, men still have the same heart for metals like titanium and platinum, as long as the metal’s durability is guaranteed on their male wedding ring. Simple and straightforward – that’s how we like to describe many guys – and this is no surprising when it comes to jewelry choices either. This doesn’t prevent our gentlemen anyway to maximize their stylistic aspirations.

The primary consideration for men when it comes to shopping for a male wedding ring is the type of metal used. The choices are just as many as with women. However, top choices on the list include gold, titanium, platinum, silver and tungsten. The choice of metals used will vary according to budget and preferred style. But for the men who like durability in their rings, a gold wedding band is still the most enduring choice.

Ring Design Borne Out of Inspiration

When picking handmade engagement rings Melbourne has today, it should not be distinctively gender-biased. Ring designs in the market are more fluid than ever, such that men’s rings can incorporate design details that would also be suitable for use on Melbourne engagement rings for women.

One of the best places to get inspiration from for handmade engagement rings Melbourne can offer is nature. For women, a floral design might seem cliché and predictable. But a well-executed design and incorporating the right elements into the ring can offer a classic but unique look. There are plenty of floral patterns to choose from so while the inspiration is generic, the choice of individual details can still make it stand out. The overall look is what you’re after; and you have to be patient in choosing the details that go with the design to make your customized Melbourne engagement rings a special piece for her!

For men, your source of inspiration could be in line with your job or interests. For example, modern architecture exhibiting minimalistic but art deco feel can be used as a point of inspiration in creating your unique ring design. You can also use your love for automotive to fuel your source of inspiration in creating that standout design that reflects who you are and what you love. Or perhaps, you are well-traveled – you can incorporate single elements from your travel inspiration into the design.

Customization Options Are Limitless for Custom Engagement Rings

When you shop around for Melbourne engagement rings, you always find the traditional styles and options of white diamond and precious gemstones. While they are undoubtedly elegant and beautiful, they might all look the same from afar. The best way to give some personality and flare, and thus making it special, to the engagement ring is to choose colored gemstones.

There are plenty of gemstones to choose from and each one exhibits different colors. While this is a good choice to make a standout style, it is also very tricky. You should be able to match your chosen colored gemstones to the personality and style of your intended recipient. The colors could reflect their personal preference or you could base it on their birth stone. Either way, you need to think hard about which gemstone to use. The most popular colored gemstones in the market include emerald (green), ruby (red) and sapphire (blue).

When all else fails, choose a diamond engagement ring. It is a classic and traditional choice for a reason. There is an elegant flair that goes with this precious gemstone when used on Melbourne engagement rings. You can even have the jeweller cut it into different shapes to suit your point of inspiration (as mentioned above). There are several stylistic reasons to add diamonds to your customized Melbourne engagement rings than just added sparkle. You can use the extra diamonds to create a halo around the center. You can also use the additional diamonds to create a three-stone setting for the ring. And finally, you can add the diamonds around the band to make it more elegant and beautiful.

Custom Melbourne engagement rings might be your ticket to finding the perfect ring! With jewellers offering customized rings in Melbourne, now you don’t have to settle. You can make a ring from scratch while turning your vision into reality!

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