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GN Jewellers has many years working with young Melbourne couples on the road to marriage. Over these years, we’ve learned that the ordering, customization, design and overall process of choosing and buying engagement rings remains a very high priority. Engagement rings signify the aspiration, promise, and love that are at the heart of a very special occasion.Here at GN Designer Jewellers, we specialize in delivering superior-quality custom engagement rings with a full range of options. From the moment of your first consultation in our showroom, our meticulous attention to service your dreams will become apparent. Our showroom features an inexhaustible selection of beautiful jewellery that you will love to check out. But if you are here for something special, we are happy to cater to your specific preferences in order to deliver an engagement ring that is the precise definition of your persona.  Our Master Jeweller is more than happy to work closely with you to order a personalized design.

GN Jewellers custom jewellery pieces are meticulously handcrafted with strict adherence to international standards. Diamond engagement rings are our forte; specially designed to cater for individual demands using a vast inventory of certified diamonds by GIA, HRD, Auscert.

Why Our Custom Engagement Rings are Such a Marvel to Behold!

The majority of customers who walk into the GN Jewellers showroom find the perfect jewellery among our vast selection of high-end pieces. From there, it’s simply a matter of arranging payment, and preparing the ring boxes.

However, sometimes customers come in with a clear idea of what they don’t want, but no real vision of what they do want. Our expert service staff are trained in reading body language, since not many people can express in words what they really want.

In these cases, our custom ring design services are perfect: expect nothing short of a unique masterpiece, with you involved in the design process from start to finish. Along the way, there are a wide spectrum of customization options. For example, if you decide to order a personalized design for your ring, you can add numerous distinct elements – flushed out and rendered by our Master Jeweller into a piece that exceeds expectations. Expect an item with unique character that will fill your fiancée-to-be with happiness.

In a custom design, there are some many different options to choose from. Here are three that should be at the top of every buyer’s list:

  • Stone amalgamation: stone combinations can add to the story of your love that a custom ring is trying to tell. In that regard, many people love to use stones of varied colorations. At GN Designer Jewellers, we will help you identify the perfect sizes and colours in the setting. The ultimate outcome is an ideal shade in the setting, specifically for your upcoming, memorable engagement.
  • Precious metal options: there are a wide spectrum of exclusive metals that can create a unique ring, but diamond is certainly a very popular choice. When you want a custom ring, we can help you choose the perfect diamond item that your bride-to-be will cherish to rock!
  • Band style: the band style we help you pick can invoke incredible sensations. The trend for many people is to play around with a range of colours, sizes, as well as shapes. You could also request for certain accents and etchings that can add to the exclusivity of your ring.

Great Value for Money

First, we sell diamonds at well below recommended retail prices – you likely won’t find better prices anywhere in Melbourne. Second, building custom designs on top of materials we source ourselves ensures a quality product from start to finish. Third, custom designed special orders result in extremely rare pieces – true attention-grabbers and conversation starters!

The entire process of design and creation of such an item aims at increasing its value to make the wearer proud. Ultimately, this type of ring is worth much more than other types and it doesn’t have cost you more!

Custom Design Process: Melbourne’s Best Engagement Ring Designers

Couple holding hands

During the production of a custom design, the customer drives the design process, with the aim of producing a glittering statement of their personality, passion, and lifestyle.

GN Jeweller designers will work with clients every step of the way, in a manner that flushes out ideas into clear concepts for the perfect engagement ring.

Step 1: Request a Quote

Stop by our showroom, confer with our staff, and spend some time with our Master Jewellers. Many customers come in for a first visit, go home to research on their own, and then come back several more times, until a clear idea of desired materials is reached. At that point, our team can draw up an estimate, based off of material costs and planned design time.

Step 2: Develop the Concept

Our Master Jewellers and design consultants will flush out your ideas. First, bring in any drawings or images you have collected as references. Second, sit down with our team as they bring your design concept into something tangible.

Step 3: CAD or Wax Models

After the design has been finalized, our Gemologists will help select the perfect conflict free diamonds or other precious stones for your piece. Once the order for the stones is placed, our team will then create a wax or computerized (CAD) model, in order to show multi-angled renderings.

Step 4: Approval and Finished Piece

After the customer approves the rendered model, our production team will cast the design in the precious metal of your choice. Then, selected gemstones get meticulously set by our expert craftsmen. Finally, your exquisitely finished piece will be thoroughly inspected by our Quality Assurance team, before getting packaged up for delivery.

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