GN Designer Jewellers – About Us

GN Designer Jewellers has been a fixture in the Australian jewellery industry for more than 20 years. At GN Designer Jewellers, our mission is to offer our customers meticulously hand crafted jewelleries that adhere to strict standards of jewellery making. We want to ensure every piece a customer gets is created with highest care and precision.  This same attention to detail and level of professional jewellery making is what helped establish GN Designer Jewellers as one of the top Melbourne jewellers today. This passion and expertise is reflected in our signature style of exquisite jewelleries and we take great pride in that.But what makes GN Designer Jewellers unique from all the other jewellers in Melbourne, or all of Australia, are the people behind it. The founders of this business started from the bottom, mastered their craft and continually striven to excel. We are proud to claim that we adapt that same philosophy in our jewellery selection.

How it Started

The long history of GN Designer Jewellers dates back to the 1950s – way before the first boutique store (then-named Diamond Affaire) opened in the Royal Arcade in Melbourne. It was Arthur Pallas who started this business idea in an effort to pursue his passion and skills in jewellery making. At that time, he partnered with his then apprentice Nicholas Vrettas. These two were instrumental in establishing the foundation of what was later to become GN Designer Jewellers.


Meet Arthur Pallas

Arthur Pallas always had a passion for jewelleries and jewellery making. He went to Europe to pursue his career in jewellery making and retailing in the 1950s. A few years later, he returned to Melbourne to open his own jewellery making business. During this time, Arthur Pallas celebrated his 55th year as a Master Jeweller in Melbourne! He trained his then apprentice, Nicholas Vrettas, so he can instill in him the same level of skill and expertise that he has gained for several decades of practice.

Meet Nicholas Vrettas

The other half of the equation in the success of GN Designer Jewellers is Nicholas Vrettas. He was an apprentice of Arthur Pallas until he himself became a master jeweler in 1975. Before he helped Arthur Pallas established this jewellery shop as one of the top Melbourne jewellers, he had experience with wholesale manufacturing for other elite jewellery stores in the city. It was in the late 1990s when he and Arthur Pallas decided to officially open their own store to cater to customers looking for handmade jewellery Melbourne can offer.

Meet Steve Pallas

The year 2002 was when Steve Pallas, the son of Arthur Pallas, joined the team. He was an apprentice during this time and was trained and directed by both Arthur Pallas and Nicholas Vrettas. Over the years, he also developed the skills in jewellery making. He was designated the role of Director and Business Partner with the impending retirement of his father, Arthur Pallas.

It was in the year 2005 when the store was replaced with its current name, GN Designer Jewellers. The store also moved to a new location in Hardware Lane. The legacy of Arthur Pallas continued and both Nick and Steve striven to maintain the integrity of the business.

GN Designer Jewellers Today

The previous owners have officially retired a few years after the store was renamed and moved to a new location in 2005. The business is now in the hands of new owners, but we are committed to living up to the legacy of its original owners. We value the work and commitment that Arthur Pallas has put through to bring this business to its current status. For several years of practicing and honing his jewellery making skills, he established the quality of jewellery making that was to be the standard in Melbourne. Hence, it is no surprise that GN Designer Jewellers is easily one of the most recognizable and popular Melbourne jewellers.

And we hope to continue and protect his legacy as we deliver high quality jewellery making services. We strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed that, especially in producing our hand crafted jewelleries. We also boast of a vast inventory of diamonds and gemstones that have been certified by the GIA, HRD and Auscert.
Diamond rings, such as engagement rings and mens wedding rings, are our forte but we cater to a wide range of jewellery styles. Custom design is also available. Our years of experience have enabled us to cope with the demands of the industry and we aren’t known as one of the best jewellers Melbourne has today for nothing.

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